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Delta Epsilon Mu, Inc. was established at Binghamton University in 1996. It allowed the connection of students of various health backgrounds in order to create a community based on loyalty, friendship, dedication, and support. The organization is designed to allow professional development, where members are exposed to various workshops, philanthropic projects, and social activities for growth in their desired health fields. 


What is Delta Epsilon Mu?

Delta Epsilon Mu is a professional co-ed fraternity for those interested in pursuing a Health Profession.

What is pre-health and why is it different than pre-med?

Pre-health is more inclusive of all professions pertaining to human health. It can include, but is not limited to, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine, and more. Pre-med is simply restricted to just the medical fields.

What is the difference between a social and a professional fraternity?

A professional fraternity makes bonds between members on a level that social fraternities may not. The camaraderie between our brothers and sisters as they explore the aspects of their related professional fields builds whole new levels of support that you may not find elsewhere. We balance our preparation for our future fields academically along with social events and service activities to create well rounded members prepared for their futures. All of our events, socials, and programs build our members into better citizens and future healthcare providers.

Why Join DEM?

If you are looking for a group of people with similar passions for helping others, dedication to one another, and a support system for the rigors of a pre-health course of study, then the DEM family is the right choice for you. Our members have interests in all aspects of the Healthcare industry that can help you to decide what path is best for you. We also help you to build yourself not only academically with study groups with people in similar classes, but socially through events with other members and organizations and through service to our community. We strongly believe in supporting each other and strive to get each member to their individual goals.

Message from the President!


Delta Epsilon Mu is the nation's premier co-ed pre-health fraternity that's mission is to unite individuals of diverse backgrounds with the common goal of helping others. Our members each have a unique experience that provides them with leadership opportunities, professional development, and a siblinghood like no other. The members of the Alpha Gamma Chapter strive each day to embody our four main pillars of Loyalty, Dedication, Friendship, and Support to foster a welcoming and inclusive community for all pre-health students here at Virginia Tech.


It is such an honor to serve as the President of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Epsilon Mu at Virginia Tech. I feel so fortunate for the opportunities for growth and to be surrounded by such impressive, gifted individuals. Our chapter’s ability to impact the community around us is inspiring and can only be attributed to the community our alumni have built and our active members continue to grow. Thank you for the constant loyalty, dedication, friendship, and support. 


With LDFS, 

Milly Jones

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